Evan Granowitz Is Your Civil Law Career Role Model

People have this biased notion that criminal defense lawyers are hotshots that earn more than their counterparts in civil law or their public prosecutor opponents. This is brought about by the media attention given to criminal cases and the accused. This notion can never be more wrong. If one just takes a close look at all the civil cases, one will see that civil litigators are as much and even much more than the criminal defense lawyers. High profile civil cases like the Enron scandal and the infamous and equally expensive lawsuits that involve celebrities are just the tip of the iceberg compared to the number of civil cases in court dockets. They may not be receiving any public or media attention but they exist.
A remarkable career in the field of civil law is very much possible. If there is one lawyer that is apt to be the poster boy for such, it would be no other than Evan Granowitz. He has achieved so much in the realm of civil litigation and what makes it more amazing is that he has done so in only a short period. He measures success in the law profession not by how much one earns or how much media attention receives. For him, the true measure of success is the level of satisfaction his clients feels. Earning his title of Juris Doctor from the Boalt Hall Law School in as recent as 2004, he has already made a name for himself in the profession. Being named as the Rising Star from the Super Lawyers magazine not just for the year 2009 but for 2010 as well is proof that he is held in high esteem by his colleagues. The same honor has placed him as one of the few top 2.5% amongst all lawyers in Southern California.
Passing the bar examinations immediately after graduating from law school, he initially worked with the District Center of Central California and earned a much coveted internship stint with one of the Justices of the California Supreme Court.
It was during this time that he developed and honed his skills in defending the civil rights of his clients in cases involving bankruptcy, personal and business torts and corporate disputes. Evan Granowitz won most of his cases which beefed up his sterling reputation. His dedication and passion for civil rights has paved the way for his reputation to precede himself.




The Qualified Lawyers

English law is held in high esteem; London is among the premier legal towns in the world; and gifted and trained criminal solicitors extend to request to become English solicitors.

Job prospects are decent for lawyers in the UK and by becoming an English lawyer, you boost your employability. Once trained, you will be able to try law cross-border, finding employment in England, Europe and further afield in nations encompassing Australia, South Africa and Russia. In addition, you expand your expert knowledge, comprehending and know-how which similarly broadens your vocation prospects.

As a trained English lawyer, you will be in a more powerful position to offer your living and future purchasers more legal services. As well as finding paid work as a solicitor in England and Wales, your wider vocation prospects are enhanced when you gain the QLTS. You may choose to try regulation in your dwelling jurisdiction, in which case you will advantage from an advanced professional track-record and marketability. Or work as an English lawyer in London. Or possibly even find a role in an worldwide law firm which has a groundwork in the EU, and live and work any place in the world.

Whichever vocation path is right for you, being an English solicitor will convey you more business and greater economic pays. And this is enhanced by the high standard of competence associated with freshly qualified lawyers of England and Wales thanks to the procedure of assessment – if you choose the fast-track QLTS route or the domestic path.